Versuri Merciless Death - Command Death

Album: Merciless Death - Evil In The Night

Betrayer in the
Eyes of everyone
Punishment of treason
Last price 'till death

Executioner waits
Ready to kill
Torture and pain
His sadistic will

Brought before
The judge and jury
A punishment of death is given

Life ends in slaughter tonight
Not the first, not the last
As shown in the past

Dragged to the altar of death
The noose goes around the neck
Strangled and gasping for air

Eyes are watching
For the flesh to tear
Before death can take the soul

The line is cut to torture more
Chanting masses offer more

Command death

Screaming victim dying in pain
Under the executioners command

Limbs ripped apart
Head decapitated
Surely dying now
Life forever faded

The punishment was death
For all to see
Paid with life eternally

Placed upon the cross
For others to see
Left to hang for display