Versuri Merciless Death - Tombs Of The Dead

Album: Merciless Death - Realm Of Terror

Haunted tombs of the dead
Hold unseen tales of death
Murky shadows in the night
Devil's children shall arrive
Crosses stand on placid ground
Serenity of silence is destroyed
Raised from beneath the earth
Rotting victims lie
Stealing life for all it's worth

Skeletons rot as time passes
Witnessed now by the masses
Corpses lay in sickening fashion
Some cannot bear to witness
Crosses stand on the devil's ground
Dead flesh waits to be found
Consume life into death
Consume life till there's nothing left


Unearthed, graves smell of flesh
Coffin open, bones hide the pain
Satan, compels the spirit of the dead
Their life, is lost with their last breath

Tombs of the dead

Living in an unseen world
Foretold by death itself
Life does exist here
When all is said and done
The sanctity of evil will be won