Country: Denmark Label: Metal Blade Website: Formed in: 1981 1981- Black Heavy metal Line-up Current members: 1981-  King Diamond - vocals, keyboards   1981-  Hank Shermann - guitars   1993-  Sharlee D'Angelo - bass   1994-  Bjarne T. Holm - drums   1996-  Mike Wead - guitars  ......Biografie MERCYFUL FATE

Lady In Black Tab

Mda Tab

Torture Tab

To One Far Away Tab

Time Tab

The Uninvited Guest Tab

The Oath Bass Tab

The Oath Solo Tab

The Night Tab

The Mad Arab Tab

The Lady In Black Tab

The Ghost Of Change Tab

The Bell Witch Tab

The Afterlife Tab

Sucking Your Blood Tab

Shadows Tab

Satans Fall (ver2) Tab

Satans Fall Tab

Return Of The Vampire Bass Tab

Return Of The Vampire Tab

Nuns Have No Fun Tab

Nightmare Be Thy Name Tab

My Demon Tab

Melissa Tab

Mad Arab Tab

Legend Of The Headless Rider Tab

Last Rites Tab

Kiss The Demon Intro Tab

Is That You Melissa Tab

Into The Unknown Tab

Into The Coven Tab

Insane Tab

House On The Hill Tab

Gypsy Tab

Ghost Of Change Tab

Fiteen Men Tab

Fifteen Men And A Bottle Of Rum Tab

Evil Bass Tab

Evil Tab

Doomed By The Living Dead Tab

Devil Eyes Tab

Desecration Of Souls Bass Tab

Desecration Of Souls Tab

Desecration Of Souls Solo Tab

Curse Of The Pharaohs Tab

Crossroads Tab

Come To The Sabbath Tab

Burn In Hell Bass Tab

Burn In Hell Chords

Burn In Hell Tab

Buried Alive (ver2) Tab

Buried Alive Tab

Black Masses Tab

Black Funeral Tab

Banshee Tab

Angle Of Light Tab

Angel Of Light Tab

A Dangerous Meeting Tab

A Corpse Without Soul Tab

9 Tab

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