Versuri MERCYFUL FATE - Satan's Fall

Album: MERCYFUL FATE - Melissa


They're walking by the night
The Moon has frozen blue
Long black coats a shelter for the rain
Their load must get through

Now bats are leaving their trees
They're joining the call
Seven Satanic Hell Preachers
Heading for the hall

Bringing a blood of a newborn child
Got to succeed, if not it's Satan's fall

Home... come home
Evil messengers with blood stained wings
Home... come home
Home... come home

Is it Satan's fall?
No... it's Satan's call
Craniums high on stakes
It's Satan's epigraph
Something new can't erase... 666
They call him the beast


Use your demon eyes, uncover the disguise
Time is out... Yeah, I don't need your God
On the law of Satan
Pray and obey it forever
Oh the law of Satan


Innocent lovers... it's a lie


Iron fists won't do no good against the evil eyes
Of seven holy Hell Preachers, don't you even try
Now they cross the River Styx and see the Castle rise so high
Waiting on the other shore for Charon to arrive
A shapeless horns and glowing eyes, Satan's still alive
He receives the sacrifice with evil laughs and pride
You better escape, you're got to escape
You cannot escape

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