METAL CHURCH Chords & Tabs

Country: USA Label: SPV Records Website: Formed in: 1980 1980-1993 Heavy metal 1980-1993 Thrash metal 1998- Heavy metal 1998- Thrash metal Line-up Current members: 1981-1993  Kurdt Vanderhoof - guitar   › 1998-  -//-   2004-  Ronny Munroe - vocals   2004-  Steve Unger - bass......Biografie METAL CHURCH

Hitman Tab

Watch The Children Pray Intro Tab

The Dark Tab

Pill For The Kill Intro Tab

Mirror Of Lies Tab

Metal Church Tab

Merciless Onslaught Tab

Line Of Death Tab

In The Blood Bass Tab

In The Blood Tab

Gods Of Wrath Tab

Final Word Tab

Fake Healer Tab

Blinded By Life Intro Tab

Beyond The Black Tab

Betrayed Tab

Badlands Tab

Anthem To The Estranged Tab

Over My Dead Body Tab

Psycho Tab

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