Versuri METAL CHURCH - A War Never Won

Album: METAL CHURCH - This Present Wasteland 2008

A permanent disguise hid within the eyes
Paint a vivid picture of our lives
We look into the future and kneel to one knee
We plea for absolution and judgment to be

It's not the cross you bear, of some you should beware
And I can see that you don't really care
We've turned up every stone and we've swam through every sea
We've shattered all our hopes and what they mean

With a loaded gun
You'll wonder what you've done
It's a war never won, it's a war never won

Look outside yourself, you're not an empty shell
You'll find that you're not like anyone else
And the portrait turns to dust and your faith begins to rust
Everything you've sought has been of lust
I'm not your savior, I'm not your saint
I'm just the liar that fills your heart with hate

Do you hide in the darkness, do you live for the rain
Wash away our sins and stop the endless pain
Do we pray to the heavens do we pray to the gods
There's no resolution to a war never won

War never won