Versuri METAL CHURCH - Monster

Album: METAL CHURCH - This Present Wasteland 2008

Tomorrow is here today, ones and zeros pave the way
Nothing's real but looks the same
The future's looking far too bright and I can never sleep at night
New creations just a click away

Interaction from your chair, a social life not really there
No one is who they say they are
Files and folders gone too far, pull the wire from your arm
Disconnection makes you lose your mind

We've created a monster, it's taking us down
We've created a monster, and we don't know how
We've created a monster, no will to be found
We've created a monster

Never will you leave your home, never knowing you're alone
Shut in has become a way of life
Business at the speed of light, a fast connection will change your life
Have I lost it, have I gone too far
I'm on the run, I'm on the take, but I bought into it, and it is all fake
I lost myself, now who am I
I am just a screen name and a new profile
I never dreamed that this would be the path I was meant to follow

I am in a trance, I am in a race
I am going nowhere in cyberspace
I lost myself, now who am I
I am now addicted to a life on the inside