Versuri Metalium - Way Home

Album: Metalium - Nothing To Undo Chapter VI

[Music: Henning Basse, Lyrics: Henning Basse, Lars Ratz]

So, this is goodbye while I'm watching the curtains fall
I've reached the point of going nowhere faith turned to despair
Still I hear those words "as one forever"

Lies kept haunting me a lifetime
Filled my heart of stone with broken dreams

Horizon of wasted shining
Illusions were blinding
gonna find my way home
Illusion buried, the past now carved in stone
On my way home

So close, but still so far, I'm grieving
the end for all to see in me
Why do we ever fail in times
sorrow is the hatred of mankind

Memories guiding me to a sign
the way will carry on my friend


Horizon of wasted shining

Should have known better in all these years
Captured moments filled with lonely tears
In our souls and in our minds scars remaining
Let there be a time of trust and faith
Let our dreams awake
( Solo )
Horizon of wasted shining
Horizon of wasted shining
Oh, oh no
Illusions buried

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