Versuri Metallica - Wasting My Hate

Album: Metallica - Load

Good day, how do
And I send a smile to you
Don't waste, waste your breath
And I won't waste my hate on you

Ain't gonna waste my hate
Ain't gonna waste my hate on you
I think I'll keep it for myself
Ain't gonna give no more
Ain't got the time to help you score
I think it's time ya pleased yourself

* Repeat

Think you're worthy now
Think enough to even raise the brow
And to laugh and tip that two pronged crown

I see my hands, I see my feet
I feel that blood that pumps in beat
But where the hell's my mind goin' now?

* Repeat

Ain't gonna waste mt hate
But I'm so greedy when they say
(It's) better to give than to receive

Ain't gonna waste my hate
No, no ain't got time to waste my hate on you
Yea, I think I'm gonna keep it all for myself

* Repeat


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