Saviours Of Jazz Ballet Chords - Mew

C          G            D    Em
We are the Defenders of Jazz Ballet
People say, when they see us:
C                   G            D    Em
Hey, folks! It's the Saviours of Jazz Ballet
                   C        F
Fearless heroes of kick and spin 

Em  C  D  A  Em  C  Em

C                  F
Baby, hear as they come
            C              F
Crawling on some black and dying tree
      Em                       F
Every night peacefully set the world on fire
      Em               F
Every night I hear the red parade
    C      G        D     Em
Say we, by command of the microphone
Such is our conviction
     C           G           D    Em
Make way for the Saviours of Jazz Ballet
       C               Em        A
Hollow hearts make for pleasant lives