METALHEAD Meeting Festival 2015: event schedule, activities, access details and other information

Presented by Timisoreana and Monster Energy, Metalhead Meeting will take place between 11th and 14th of June in Cotroceni Open Air behind the building of Afi Palace Cotroceni, an open space of 22000 Sq m.


On the main stage of METALHEAD Meeting you will see live performances of Satyricon, Dark Funeral, Amorphis, Bloodbath, The Sirens, Primordial, Cruachan, Turisas, Heidevolk. Triptykon, Lacrimas Profundere, Windrose, Centinex, Demonical, Bucovina, Negura Bunget, Kiss Forever and many more, summing up to 45 bands on the two stages of the festival.


Thursday night comes with an anniversary show of Cargo, which celebrates 30 years of activity. For this show you can find one day tickets starting from 40 lei.



The gates of METALHEAD Meeting open on Thursday the 11th of June at 3 PM, and the concert begins at 3:30 PM in the same day. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the gates open at 2 PM and the concerts begin at 2:30 PM.


The acces in the area of the festival is granted by a valid ticket and you will receive a wristband, depending on the type of ticket you possess. One day ticket owners will not receive wristbands, only four-days pass owners will. All tickets that have “ABONAMENT” written on them grant acces for all the four days of the festival, whether the date on the pass is 12-14 June or 13-14 June (this is because in time, the organisers have added more days to the festival). You can leave the area of the festival and come back anytime if you have your wristband on.


Children under 10 years old are granted free pass provided that they are accompanied by a parent that possesses a valid ticket. In order to eliminate any doubt, the organisers recommend that the parents bring a document (a copy ) to testify the age of the child.


There is only one entrance in the area of the festival and four emergency exits that will be properly marked. There will also be a first aid tent.


– meet & greet ticket holders of any kind will recieve golden circle wristbands
– one day wristbands are PINK. We are sorry, they were made in Hungary and they messed them up and they dont have time to send us the correct ones.Very important: if you buy a one day pass, lets say for Friday and you recieve the pink bracelet, you must not exit the venue. If you exit the venue it wont be possible for you to come back in. Also, you wont be able to get in the next day, because they are one day wristbands
– friday at the Cargo show, the “just for Cargo” ticket holders will not recieve wristbands.
– 4 day passes holders – please dont remove the wristband, you will need it for the whole four days. you wont get another if you break it
– rockers that have camping reserved in the name of a friend (your friend made a reservation of 4, lets say), must specify his name to get the GREEN camping wristband. You will recieve the Green wristband along with the 4day pass ticket you must have. You can leave the venue any time you want during the day but please dont bring food and alcohool in. Water is ok 🙂



During the festival you can practice Bungee Jumping, Laser Tag, vizit the biggest rock fair in Romania – powered by Niche Records & METALHEAD – The Rock Market – get tattoos, join contests where you can win interesting prizes and many more activities await you.

The merchandise available at THE Rock Market can be bought in cash only, not with tokens. Please ask for the tax receipt and keep it! The acces is free in the area of THE Rock Market.

Also, during the breaks between the concerts on the main stageTIMISOREANA beer brand invites you to the photo booth to immortalize your attendance at the festival and you get to keep the photo. Also, they organise contests with prizes like beer and T-shirts. The +18 Jack Daniel’s area will remain a secret until the festival, but the organisers promise many surprises.



Many types of food and beverages will be available for the public during the festival, which can be purchased with tokens. The price of a token is 5 lei (less than 1,2 euros/1,3 american dollars), with which you can buy a draught of beer or a soda or two still waters (2,5 lei for 0,5 litre of water).

Also, the organisers offer a discount between 3PM and 6PM – the Happy Hour, when for two tokens (10 lei) you receive three beers. Similar discounts will be offered for liquors.

Next to soda, water, beer, whiskey, Monster Energy drinks and vodka, you can buy coffee, teas, long drinks, tequila, liqueur and many many more.

The organisers also laid out a generous food court with the capacity of 1000 people where you can find: hotdogs, burgers, nachos, popcorn, sandwiches, salads, vegan and vegetarian food, grilled minced meat rolls and many more.

The organisers also invite you to the +18 area – with restricted acces for persons under 18 – where Jack Daniel’s offers many discounts and has planned many surprises and interesting activities for you, like fussball, a Harley or a tattoo salon.



The camping area has the capacity of aproximately 300 tents. The acces in this area will be allowed from Thursday 11th June, 3 PM. The organisers politely ask campers that the area is clear by 12 AM on Monday 15th. With the event wristband on, campers can walk in and out of the camping and festival area at will. Camping is FREE of charge, provided that you confirm until the 8th of June here:

Only people with 4 days passes to the festival can enter the camping area. Campers are asked to leave space between tents for a good traffic. The camping area is equipped with showers. Considering that it will be very warm outside, the water should be pleasant 🙂 Also, we politely ask campers to maintain peace and order during night hours. BlackHawk Security will keep a watch on the camping area 24h/day.

There will be no lockers or deposit areas for your valuables, but we rely on the education and common sense of the participants. We recommend that you wear on you what you consider important. The organisers will not be responsible for goods left unattended.

In the festival area (that is near the camping area) there will be a generous food court that will open at 3PM, but for your confort there will be a special bar that will open at 10AM where you can buy water, coffee, snacks and others.

Participants are allowed to bring water from the outside, but we remind you that in the Metalhead Meeting festival area you can find cheaper water that in stores, with only 5 lei one litre.


In the festival and camping areas access is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN with:

– weapons or dangerous objects

– alcohol and other beverages or food brought from outside the festival area

– flammable substances, gas cans or any type of cooking machines

– umbrellas (please take rain coats even if the weather forecast announced sunny days)

– professional or semi-professional foto cameras (with detachable lens), video cameras or recorders

Also, please do not bring pets!



METALHEAD Meeting festival has two stages: Main Stage and Talents Stage. During the breaks on the Main Stage there will be concerts on the Talents Stage. You can find the full programme below. Please take into considerration the possibility that the schedule might slightly change because all the international artists will arive to Romania by plane. We hope there will be no delays and the artists will arive at the festival on time. The organisers promise to have taken all the necessary precautions.


Before the festival the owners of Meet & Greet supplements will receive information via email about the meeting with their favorite artists. We remind you that all bands have confirmed their presence at the meet&greet session, except Satyricon and Bloodbath who don’t do this by default. But maybe we’ll be lucky… Basically, during the breaks from the main stage, the owners of meet&greet tickets will be able to go to a special area on the right side of the stage that is specifically made for this activity. The artists will come to that area before or after they sing.



Festival passes and tickets can be found at the following prices:

– 4 days pass in the Regular Area – 119 lei (~27 euros/ 31 american dollars) – 140 lei (~32 euros/36 american dollars) at the entrance

– one day ticket for Friday, Saturday or Sunday – 100 lei (~23 euros/26 american dollars)

– ticket for the Cargo concert on Thursday, 11th June – 70 lei for the Golden Circle ticket and 40 lei for the Regular Area – 50 lei at the entrance

– Meet & Greet supplement – 200 lei (~ 45 euros/51 american dollars) – AVAILABLE ONLY WITH A TICKET/PASS

We remind you that Golden Circle tickets/passes are SOLD-OUT and will not be supplemented.

Festival passes and tickets are available on,,, and in the partner stores: Muzica, IQ BOX, Say Shop, Perfect Tour, Vgeneration, Senia, ZebraPay terminals, Diverta, Vodafone, Orange, Germanos, Domo, Carturesti, Humanitas, Sala Palatului, the Romanian Post Offices, inMedio etc

As usual, we insist that you do NOT buy tickets of passes from uncertified dealers or webpages, because the might not be valid and you risk paying for nothing. From the experience we gathered in 11 years of activity we tell you that 99 % of these tickets are fake.

The mission of METALHEAD Meeting:
Facebook Official Page:
Official webpage:

METALHEAD Meeting is presented by Timisoreana, Monster Energy with the support of LivePro, The Backline Shop, Coca Cola, Jack Daniel’s, F64, Blackhawk Security, Zile si Nopti and ROCK FM. Organised by METALHEAD & BestMusic Live Concerts.

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