Anabel Tab - Midlake

Artist: Midlake
Song: Anabel
Album: Bamnan and Silvercork

A (X02220) Amaj7 (X02120)

(here's an idea of the picking patterns)

E ----------------------------------|
B -2-----2--------2-----2-----------|
G ---2-----2---1----2-----2-1-------|
D ----------------------------0-----|
A -0---0-0---0----0---0-0-----------|
E ----------------------------------|


  A              Amaj7 A       Amaj7
E ----------------------------------|
B -----------2---------------2------|
G -------------2-1-------------2-1--|
D ---2---2-----------2---2----------|
A -0---0---0-------0---0---0--------|
E ----------------------------------|

E -------1-------------1------------|
B -3-------3-----3-------3----------|
G ---2-------2-----2-------2--------|
D -----0-------------0-------0------|
A -0-----------0--------------------|
E ----------------------------------|

(A/Amaj7 pattern)
Bring a few photograph machines, one for Anabel and one for me.

(Dm Pattern)

(A/Amaj7 pattern)
I'm having trouble with remembering things, so one for Anabel and one for me.

(Dm Pattern)

F               C                   F            C
We walk down to see the crowd, they gather there on town square.

F                   C                      F                C
The big parade, the flutes got played, I'm glad they made a dragon stage.

    F                  C                F                   C
The families nest, the bakers test, the children a mess and babies rest.

    F                      C                Dm              G     C
The rain is cruel and it's washing away the things that are in my head.

(A/Amaj pattern) fade out


I can't quite pick up the patterns on the F/C progression,
so let's assume it's similar to the others.

-Matt V. (