Versuri Midwinter - Dreamscape Revelations

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Andreas Funke]
[lyrics: Mordan]

Dreams are portals to other worlds - windows to eternity... but listen - never cross the abyss...! This is
what happened to me...

In a freezing winter's night
I read the book of the dead:
Bizarre, cosmic rituals
Tales from the netherworlds

Drifting away far beyond the stars
Dancing shadows dreadfully guiding my travel afar
The smell of blood and incense fills the air
In the end my astral body escapes

Unspeakable secrets are now revealed
As I sweep among the giant ruins
Of glorious empires once ruled this plain
Eons ago... long forgotten...

Emotions and knowledge, intense, pure and clear
Point of no return, the centre of fear
Overwhelming visions engulf my mind
In front of my eyes the horizon turns black

Before me, an enormous abyss appeared - the dimensional border...! Created by the great old ones - guardians
of nothingness...

Black whirlwinds of doom
With eyes of tortured souls
Forlorn, desolated slaves
Captured for all eternity

Roaring like thunder, solar beast unleashed
Chaotic hell-storm ... cyclopic violence ... the bringer of fear and disease
I must escape this terror-seed
The grim, interstellar reaper

Come, and join me in battle!

My brothers of faith - together we fight again!
United as one - Forces of doom and despair!
With fire and swords - we slay the enemy!
This battle is ours - we ride into victory!

I fly through the great silver eye
To enter the physical plain...

What lies behind the wall of sleep??

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