Versuri Midwinter - Evoking The Grotesque

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Maciolek, Funke & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Mordan]

Evoking the grotesque
Calling of the absurd:
Torturer of desolated souls
Messiah of morbid pleasures
Summoning of blasphemy
Shadows transform to flesh...

Conqueror from beyond
Leader of insanity
Archangel, forever doomed
The revenge will be ours!
A gloomy unlight covers the sun
The stars are fading black
Worms are crawling on the altar
Feasting on the blood of the holy ones...

Evoking the grotesque...

Father of mighty witchcraft
Possessing the light...
Enslaver of dying wisdom
For thee my blood I give...
Destroy the shadows of divine!

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