Versuri Midwinter - Existence Means Suffering

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Midwinter]
[lyrics: Mordan]

I can't control my thoughts
This damned, poisoning visions
Black paintings of maliciousness
Pain... Is what I have to feel
Blood flows as the steel runs deeper
Only my flesh is salvation
Existence means suffering
I rot in ecstasy...

Thoughts are drowning me, confusion
Pictures hurt, madness prevails
Longing for the gate, my genocide
Now I found the key, finally...

The portals to my mind
A kingdom opens wide
My subjects wait for me
For a supersonic victory
Towards the purple suns
My astral body travels
To regain control
Of my abysmal hate ...
My sweet demonic agony
That builds my throne
A throne made of
Countless captured souls...

I can't control my thoughts
This painful, merciless knowledge
Like a dark, nocturnal blizzard
It's pumping through my veins...

Deepest midnight
Behind my bleeding eyes
Insanity is freezing me
Existence means suffering
I tear my soul apart
Me, the dark nemesis

Then memories are passing by
Of times so bright and warm
Of frozen starlight in your dying eyes
And pale skin in seducing moonlight
Your lips are covering mine
And I taste your kiss like wine
Before the blade is kissing you...

Oh, eternal sadness is grieving me
As I walk through darkest valleys
Shadows fall upon my tired eyes
Cold night, hear my cry
I can't no longer take existence
This pain is tremendous
The shimmering steel is smiling at me...

The final sacrifice for the ones that lurk behind
The mountains of eternal sleep
Just one step to leave it all behind
To kill the demons inside
Never to return into eternal agony
The last time I'm yearning at the stars
Sweet, everlasting silence
I sigh in woe, as I cut my veins...

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