Versuri Midwinter - Golden Age

Album: Midwinter - Loss Of Light

[music: Andreas Funke & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Andreas Funke]

Our will brought them down
By history drowned
To ruins their realm
All wail to my ear
In disgrace they lower their face
They, self-named lords of the world

Thus made them shiver and turn,
But dust on the river won't burn!

They who pursed-proud with power
Their wealth and their smell
Lie at the feet of the slaves
In our victory-hour
Rose to high like a child on a swing
Pomp pulled to hard at their wings

Used to ride the day
Through the lands of green,
Yet the land's turned grey
And the days cold and mean.
Escape reverie -
Wake up dead from your dream.

Has been gone a while,
Lies our way ahead.
Spare the ripened wine,
Drink stale water instead
Let them regret -
We'll take back what we had

We'll take your dried out land
Make it blossom
Work 'stead of rhyming
Rhyme 'stead of laughing
Laugh 'stead of rotting, nothing's forgotten
Yet we treat even you with a mild hand

Used to ride the day ...

I saw a time full of grief with my own mortal eyes
Hold me tonight
Then let me tell 'bout the pain and an age that had died

Like they feel now, we had felt when we fell on the fields
Like they cry now, we'd cried when they broke our shields
Stroke once us now themselves with their greed
We're without guilt for they challenged their fate to be sealed

I saw a time full of violence and cruelty
Hold me maybe
Then let me tell how we rose, fought and died to be free

Fearless and fierce as possible as men can be
Righteous claims in our backs, with us morality
Would we've died in the dawn we'd have lived finally

We won't forgive our suppressers - Never!
Their penalty be to be trivial forever
They're dust on the water, by the wind turning
Rather drowning than burning

Thus made them shiver and turn,
But dust on the river won't burn!

Divide the crossed Spartacus
From criminals, messiahs
Hold the true martyrs high as
For us they have died
A Golden Age one day to plot
In freedom of leaders and gods

We will ride our way
To the lands of green.
Lest until that day
We forget our dream.
For we're all slaves
Chains are there to be yield

Trust the lines you've heard,
Hear the words I said.
Cease from eating dirt,
We drink ale instead
To the time we've had,
To a time coming
Back to a world which's not worth to be hold in esteem.

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