Versuri Midwinter

Also known as Nutshell (2000-2002) Country: France Label: Thundering Records Website: Formed in: 2000 2000- Melodic Power metal Line-up Current members: 2000-  Pierre Chauty - keyboards, piano   2000-  Manu Chauty - vocals, bass   2003-  Pierre Garcia - drums   2004-  Joackim Menard - guitar  ......Biografie Midwinter
Thorns Of Ice Versuri
Golden Age Versuri
Vampire Season Versuri
Wintertale Versuri
Moonrise Versuri
Stormclouds Versuri
Dying In Vain Versuri
Dreamscape Revelations Versuri
Existence Means Suffering Versuri
Evoking The Grotesque Versuri
Golden Age Versuri
Lords Of Creation Versuri
Realm Of Slumber Versuri
The Essence Versuri