Versuri Midwinter - Realm Of Slumber

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Esther Maciolek, AbraxasNoir & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Esther Maciolek]

Let me capture you in slumber
I will bed you in a rosewood grave
and cover you with clouds of snow
riding on imagination
I will take you to another world
where darkness will inspire you

In shades of twilight
fear is rising
creeping shadows are haunting you
In shades of twilight
I capture you in slumber
where you can't bring your dreams to an end

In a realm of nightmares
you wish to die
but I won't let you come to rest
when at night my shadows race

Fear is haunting you
it gives you pain
you beg to die
but don't you see
you died this night

In shades of twilight...

I come to take you to the darkside
show you pleasures of imagination
in the realm of slumber
you are frozen by fear
Silence in the shades of twilight
creeping shadows guard you now
You're captured in the realm of slumber
but your dreams will live all time

In shades of twilight...

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