Versuri Midwinter - Stormclouds

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Esther Maciolek & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Esther Maciolek]

Alone I stand
On a field of emptiness
A wind's coming up
To whisper my name
Silence makes me shiver
Incapable to run away
Alone I fall
In deepest fear
In a slumber's dream
There's no awakening
From reality

Stormclouds are rising
Like shadows over me
Dark angels
Blacken the sky
Lightning illuminates
Their eyes of blood
And thunder sounds
like a demon's symphony

The moon drowned
With all dying souls
No guiding star will lead me tonight
Just the clouds are watching me
Like shades of darkness
They breathe and moan
From the depth of the realm of shadows they come
To shatter my soul
And the apocalyptic rain will fall
From their eyes of blood
Night they bring to earth


Alone I stand
On a field of emptiness
To drown in blood
Sacrificed by the dark angels
Lightning strikes my heart
... and night has come - forever
Alone I fall
In darkness
By the loss of light
spills from my eyes

... my wings grow
In a sombre time

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