Versuri Midwinter - The Essence

Album: Midwinter - Astral Mirrors

[music: Andreas Funke & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Mordan]

Through misty forests I wandered
Across frozen plains I walked
The highest mountains I climbed
The wildest seas I sailed
I fought in the battles of Tir'Na'Nog
And murdered the tyrant of Skuld
I rode on the five winged beast
And attacked the towers of Ivory...

I am the ancient legend,
The elders whispering of
I'm the creator of sagas and tales
Written down in blood
I am the silence before a great storm
The sword in your chest...

With deadly ice-winds I flew
And conquered the throne of winter
I ruled the infernal abyss
To hunt the lords of Harad
Yes, I swallowed the stars
To slake my bestial thirst
And yes, I was there, when there was nothing...

I am the ancient legend ...
... The wolf that swallowed the sun

Dead dimensions - empty and cold
Nothing to tell - nothing to show
Rotten worlds - long forgotten
Nothing to remember - never existed
I'm the essence of all fading memories...

I travelled through the time
And saw so many worlds
But I never lost my will
I am the birth of man
And destroyed god-creation
But I will be reborn again
And again... And again...

Through misty forests I wandered...

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