Versuri Midwinter - Vampire Season

Album: Midwinter - Loss Of Light

[music: Esther Maciolek & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Jrg Stork]

Stare beyond
Live my life
By the stars and the moon

When the moon is covered by shadows
And no moonlight can break through the clouds
I feel the graveyard behind this night.

My heart will die before your eyes -
Now comes the night of the nights.
When the vampire comes for me
To get my blood - my life - my soul.

When the cold light's creeping,
when the fire turns to ice
and all oceans turn red,
the cold blood's freezing in my veins
like the nocturnal pulse in me.

The creatures of night
The creatures of dawn
And vampire season is on...

Silent - thirsty - weak
And full of cold desire
So come on, vampire!
And take my blood - lust - and life!
The sky cracks open for the creatures of night...

Vampire Season

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