Versuri Midwinter - Wintertale

Album: Midwinter - Loss Of Light

[music: Andreas Funke & Midwinter]
[lyrics: Andreas Funke]

I woke up this night -
Three days before a bastard's born.
Ice-flowers blossom at my window,
Bend their heads against the storm.

The world hides 'neath its pillow.
Yet I left my home
Welcomed by white landscapes,
Renewed and free to roam.

I leave the streets behind
Begrimed by grey-dyed mud,
Seeking for a place
Where the ice is still uncut.

I look through astral mirrors
Learning what it teaches me,
Telling me a fairy tale
Of how it used to be:

"So let me tell
My winter tale
Of a time long passed"

Open your clouds.
The one to be a toy,
The others a shroud.

Take me away
Where the snow was born,
Winter tale!
To be my home.

"At Midwinter solstice
The sun eclipsed forever.
Ice rules again
Till the twilight of thy gods.

Mankind fades away
With its ideas thought out that clever.
Dark skies
Descend above the land.

Ravens built a nest
Within the dome of Cologne
Fallen to ruins
As sleet draws upon.

All their sold out wisdom
Locked beneath the frozen Rhine.
I walk this blackened scenery,
Amused by its decline!"

"So it will end,
My Wintertale."

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