Versuri Mindcage Escape - Straitjacket

“I have felt the wind on the wing of madness pass over me.” 

Lifelong symphony 
All those years of self-destruction 
Left me hanging by a thread 

I’m still alive 
Cast away, reborn insane 
Lazarus begrimed 
Let sickness subside 

thrown back into this picture perfect world 
sky-high on sentimental overload 
hatred, hatred 
no sanctuary in this 
moronic voracious perpetual rat race 

you’d better run 
faster, faster 
you’re the one you’re running after 

face to face, against the mirror I crawl 
a thousand needle-sharp voices that are 
taunting me, grasping me, forcing me 
to lose control 

I’ve lost control 
Buried this world in the ashes of my soul 

Self-confinement medication 
Pain atoned, still the need entails 
For a time to cease tribulations 
Embrace the change and... 


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