Versuri Mindflow - Hide And Seek

Album: Mindflow - Mind Over Body

[Hidalgo - 9:51]

[Personality #1]
Where are you?
Is that you hiding under (the) bed?
I think so.
I see your screaming little eyes.

[Personality #2]
Damp in my lungs
On the day I found love
But I won't let you down again care without mind
Like your own merciful so

[Personality #3]
Overcome this fear,
Of letting (all) go.
And take a ride
To all that matters in life
Breath slow
Blow all away
Untamable fire

[Personality #1]
But in the "Reign of the Lost",
You can't remember your name.
Carrying hate for the weaker of all,
Spreading rightful hand.

Roundabout you,
They will waste you,
You will rove the road!
When they, when I corrode.

[Personality #2]
Library of empty lines
I rather ache than to crave your untried caress

Wait, I am moving on
Did I displace your own hideaway?

Convicted for love awake
Where did I go wrong?

You have another major killer alliance yes a killer alliance
Ready to roll again oh yeah

[Personality #1]
Hall, steps,
Silence everywhere,
Blindfold his way.

[Personality #2]
Oh I ain't going to never
Hurt you little girl

[Personality #1]
Why don't you open the damn thing?

[Personality #3]
Harm ego lies to know,
That all that stand will steal the light,
From those who never were.

I, teacher of mine,
Follow me into this try.
They didn't mean it to embrace you like
An empty mind, and then hide for all this time.

Raise your will
And all relay before your eyes.

The midway neglected,
When are some things wrong.
Mathematical feel of hope.

[Personality #2]
A breath with no lungs
Waste all your dreams
Girl I won't let you drawn again believe in my lie
Prey of you

[Personality #1]
Don't terrify

[Personality #3]
In the name of it all,
Please remind this:
Carrying hate for the weaker of all,
You will succumb in tears.

And they'll dry.
May knowing evil is a river in your way.
Everytime you underline (your feelings) with my blood.

(I feel alone)
But now, it doesn't matter cause
I still believe you lost in me everything,
(Field of lull)
And all I have been,
I've been for you.
(A dead end wherever you go)
I believe in you.
Part of me will always be you.

(Surrender to me)
I'm ready to break all these walls.
(Bring down to me)
Untie me to live on dreams I've sold long ago, yeah...
(I'll risk all to see)
Oh... I'm ready to die

(Turn this down)

[Personality #2]
Riming home with a break room
Tearing all the painful colors of my soul

A second from Explode away
uh Blow up away


[Personality #1]

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