Versuri Mindseekers - 02.Day Of The Dead

Album: Mindseekers - Demos

Day Of The Dead
(Lyrics:Tanko Zsolt)

A new night has come,
And darkness takes over the sky !
A demon I become,
I saw all angels slowly die...!

Oh...! God left me here alone,
Blesed and cursed without soul !
Humanity don't know what will come
All dead souls will rise up...!

In the day of the dead...!

You can hear voices in the deep,
Who wants to break out from the eternal sleep !
A heart beat is pounding in the silence,
And you can hear the voices calling...!

Oh...! The evil is taking us down,
Into the deepest Hell around ! 
So we can burn for eternity,
In a day called...!

Day of the dead...!!!

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