Versuri Ministry - 03. Lava

Album: Ministry - Filth Pig

(You might want to ignore these since I can hardly make sense
of it.)
Hot lava comes down big monkey goes floatin'
On a boiler coming down like rain ("Oh yeah")
Hot lava cools down (big babble 'lectric cap(?))
Going (loco(?)) with the boiling ?
(Got lava I mean always take(?)) ready to serve
With the hand.... .... you lost and you found
(Got light it goes inside some boulder ....(?))
He wants nothing but the (tip(?)) on your crown "(Be Healed,
Be healed!)"
Hot lava, lava
"(Be Healed Be healed!)"
(Big kick a mule piston banged up and let's boil 'er(?))
(Like Patty and the people in mind(?))
Big boiler make hot gray matter not ....
Like the (dragon poppin' two inside(?))
"Be healed!"
Hot lava, lava
"Be Healed, Be Healed!"
Hot lava
Hot lava

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