Versuri Ministry - 06. Dead Guy

Album: Ministry - Filth Pig

Another day, another knife in the back
It's happened so many times, I stopped tryin to keep track
You're stuck stickin' it in, you're stuck stickin' it in
Take it up to the hilt to cover up your own fuckin' guilt
And when the s**t goes down you're out of places to hide
No time to ask could the m**********r really survive
Get a load of this f**k, he's the dead guy

It's just a natural ? you never fuckin' possessed
You lost control of my life you want control of the rest
You're always stickin' it in, you're always stickin' it in
You stuck it so many times you .... .... ....
But when the s**t comes down you're out of places to hide
Time to ask if you're alive or just pretend that you died
Just remember this f**k, I'm the dead guy

I'm the dead guy
Dead guy

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