Versuri Ministry - 06. So What

Album: Ministry - The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste

"You have had all that money can give you, but that wasn't
enough. You became a thrill-seeker. Kill for the thrill.
(assassin) This thrill-seeking became the one great thing in
your life, planning one thrill on another until the murder. Kill
for the love of killing. (guilty) Kill for the thrill. The
thrill-seeker comes from all walks of life. He comes from the
home, a home where the parents are to busy to treat their children
with respect."

Die! Die! Die! Die!
Scum-suckers! Debility divulged!
Anal f**k-fest, thrill Olympics
Savage scourge supply and sanctify
So what? So what?
So what? So what?
Die! Die! Die! Die!

Die! Die! Die! Die!
You said it!
Sedatives supplied become laxatives
My eyes s**t out lies
I only kill to know I'm alive
So what? So what?
So what? So what?
Die! Die! Die! Die!

"Kill for the thrill. (assassin) Some people think newspapers
exaggerate juvenile crime. All that is defined mostly to the
large cities, juvenile delinquency is underlined. Thus parents
think something is going wrong with the environment. Adults
create the world, children live it. Juvenile delinquency is
always rooted in adult delinquency. And in this process, parents
play the key role when children grow up among adults who refuse
to recognize anything that is fine and good, or worthy of

Die! Die! Die! Die!
So what, it's your own problem to learn to live with
Destroy us, or make us slaves
We don't care, it's not our fault that we were born too late
A screaming headache on the promised age
Killing time is appropriate
To make a mess and f**k all the rest, we say, we say
So what? So what?
So what? So what?

Now that I know what it's like,
I'll kill them all if I like
Only time will decide
No one listened to reason,
it's too late and I'm ready to fight
So what? Now I'm ready to fight!
I'm ready to fight! [x4]
Fight! [x4]
So What? [x6]