Versuri Ministry - a*s Clown

Album: Ministry - Rio Grande Blood

[Feat. Jello Biafra]

[Spoken - Jello Biafra:]
Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to Washington DC
Home of the a*s Clown
Step right up into the 3,000 ring circus of The Beltway
And witness the impossible
See them grovel, see them lie, see them crawl on their bellies
See real live white collar terrorists in their own natural habitat
See the Department of Homeland Security perfecting new ways of drowning black people
While our health care is subsidizing corporate drug dealers aiding big government and
Spying on everybody

[Verse 1]
I want to go to the circus
The circus of power
The circus they call Washington
A circle of dishonor
I want to round up the senators
Just like they did in Rome
Feed these a*s Clowns to the lions
Then I can go home

I wanna see it go up in flames

a*s Clown
You're going down

[Verse 2]
I want to blow up the circus
Bring down the circus of lies
The ultimate goal and purpose
Is no a*s Clown survives
I want to line up the congressmen
And strap them to their missiles
Then I'll point them at their temples
Then I'll wave goodbye!

I wanna see it go up in flames

a*s Clown
You're going down

See them stroke each other with bribes as they try on new shades of brown lipstick
See them circle jerk to the latest photos of torture victims
a*s Clown

[Verse 3]
I hate the three-ring circus
Under the bigtop of deceit
The circus maximus of arrogance
The circus maximus of greed
I want to line up all the judges
And take a gavel to their heads
Only then will there be justice
When all these a*s Clowns are dead

I wanna see it go up in flames

[Chorus (x2):]
a*s Clown
You're going down

See how it's really done

10. Khyber Pass

Where's Bin Laden
Where's Bin Laden

He's probably runnin'
Probably hidin'

Some say he's livin' at the Khyber Pass
Others say he's at the Bush's ranch

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