Album: MIRROR OF DECEPTION - Mirrorsoil

[M. Baumhauer]

An observation, a thought, I'm overcome by fear
Like a sign in her face I'm not able to ask

Like a growing river of jealousy inside me
Rising out of nothing eating into my thinking

I know
I'm overcome by these feelings
It's easy to get into such a whirlpool
Like a trap slowly built up by itself

Soon these are the only feelings that control me
Probably wrong conclusions are buzzing inside my head

I see
How I'm slowly losing my self-control
Slipping through my spread-out fingers like sand
It's wrong to regard these things like that

I know what I wanna do now
What there is to do
But it's just a load
Burdened by myself

You only know you are guilty
He is able to understand me

I think to know what eyes tell
Your miserable thoughts are growing

Now I'm looking back and realize
That everything was unfounded and nothing

But sometimes pain is like water
Rising out of nothing and getting out of hand

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