Versuri Misanthrope - And Also The Lotus

Album: Misanthrope - Variation On Inductive Theories

The lots bathed in sea
Cover the world, bath in the sea
Only an earth plot emmerge
Banished planet with no life ends
Sea create seeds
Pistil sprink -salt water-
Germinate in the air
As clouds pierced by babylon tower
Let the branches begin their cycle
Au bout de sa tige un bourgeon fleurit
Please praise the arrival in this virgin flore
Between the rock & sea

Rise the lotus high in the sky
Offer him a place to be
Snuffle the smell of the oxygen
The lotus flower's growing

See reaction of its self destruction
My self destruction
Oh... no more life
Pushing a third of its power
Erased to the oath
Abyss point the seeds, creation
Abyss point the seeds, creations begin
It have to be worshipped for been the Abraham
Power splits the Earth
The lotus gives life & death
Of patel and it's the mighty one.

Two parcels: Freedom & harmony
Of patel it is the mighty one
Freedom is my thoughts of human being
The sea is the harmony

Lotus I will build your church
And my emotion is falling, tears by tears
Through this marvelous perfume of creation
I zone through your emphasis, oh orchid

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