Versuri Misanthrope - Aquarium

Album: Misanthrope - Variation On Inductive Theories

Please elude my lonely waiting
Awaiting for a sea
A shine through my aquarium
Cristal prison of elizium
The sleepless soul of decorum
Leave my body in anachronism
I will fade away:
Radiant opium elevation

Won't be my sommertimes
Take the deam, lead me
Own my inside, be my shelter
End this moment of infinity
Out stretched arms lay down next to me,
As tell-tale winds stand pail
Morphic ocean
In my mirror halls
The mellow rhythm of slaw rainfall

Hammer my pure splitted foam
Chrome wings of goldenfish paraded
Creep on the horizon
Boil condensed liquid
Around walls of corridors
Dry up my carapace
To nudity they scale off my bright bohemian shines

Anathematized amphora

Wich sinner could go to paradise?
Who could fly with no wings?
Who could live with mankind without a tear?
I'm the paradise sinner!
I could fly with no wings!
But I can't live with our fuckin' mankind without a tear falling!
Let me spleen...

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