Versuri Misanthrope - Atlas

Album: Misanthrope - Variation On Inductive Theories

[Her:] "Why are you worshipping a human genocide?"
[I:] "I'm watching the downfall,
My sex on, on cold marble,
Licking tears of mankind's cry !
I didn't stop, I just stole
And speaking hot
Of my corporal punishment"
[Her:] "Hey, see it later !"
[I:] "Death mas mine, thank you"
[Her:] "Talk to me, my pleasure
Are you smoking to forget?"
[I:] "Oblivion
Always the utter sorrow
-Last hope - last love-"
[Her:] "Something I can hate for you?
You're more alive"
[I:] "I forgot to appreciate life
It's too late for me"
[Her:] "No, no, no, no
This is life
Right here
Noooo! This is life
Right here
Right now
Take it
Globe my breast
Let you be Atlas
My ever ending spere
Oh, please!!!!!"
[I:] "Thank for being the one bit of light
In an ever darken dream
Ever darken dream"
[Her:] "I wanna know"
[I:] "I don't believe you !"
[Her:] "I wanna know ?"
[I:] "Shark nacle of blood
For how long I praise
The beauty of the aquatic city?
I am dead for 23 years now
Hell is right !"
[Her:] "Who was the murderer ?"
[I:] "I was... sure..."

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