Versuri Misc Soundtrack - At The Opera Tonight

Album: Misc Soundtrack - Repo ! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack (2009)

Repo Man/ Nathan: Tonight we are betrayed
Keep Shilo safe
Make Rotti pay
I'll man his grave
At the opera... tonight

Rotti: Shilo, this dress once belonged to your mother.
I would be most honored if you wore it to the opera.

Shilo: I must be brave
Come, come what may
Can I be saved?
Is there a way
At the opera tonight?

Mag/Nathan/Repo Man:

I've made my peace (No chance for peace)
I hold no grudge (I'll end this grudge)
I'm gonna sing (I'll stain the streets)
My final song (They'll run with blood)

At the opera tonight!

Amber: One more hit
For the show
Make it fast!

Grave Robber: Take it slow
Amber: One more hit
Of the glow
Grave Robber: Go get cut
[Both]: For tonight's show!
Rotti: Tonight I set the stage!
Luigi: Tonight we set the stage
Rotti: My greatest play!
Pavi: My greatest face!
Rotti: I'll take the lead!
Luigi: My greatest rage!
Pavi: Pavi gets laid!

All: All debts are paid
At the opera tonight!

Reeeeepooo Maaaan
Reeeeepooo Maaaan

Repo Man: At the opera tonight!
Mag: Repo Man, come take my hand (Amber: At the opera tonight! )
Repo Man, My eyes!
Repo Man, At the opera tonight!

Grave Robber: Bloodbath
It's gonna be a bloodbath
Cause no one crosses GeneCo
No, Not even Repo
Will Rotti clean house?
Damn, we're gonna find out
At the opera
Stay tuned
The winner of this blood feud
Will take GeneCo...

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