Versuri Misc Soundtrack - Chase The Morning

Album: Misc Soundtrack - Repo ! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack (2009)

Part 1

Mag: Shilo?
Is your name Shilo?
Can I talk to you?
Can you come down please?

Shilo: Why?

Mag: So we can speak.

I saw you at the show.
I thought I'd seen a ghost.
Your resemblance is striking.

You have your mother's eyes, her hair
I was told you died with her
All these years have come and gone
How do I put this?
I'm your... Godmom.

Shilo: State your business.
Mag: Business?
Shilo: What do you want?

Mag: I want, I want to finally meet you
Something real to cling to, leave you
With the hope that you will go to
All you're meant to, all I failed to
In you is a world of promise
We have both been kept in bondage
But you could learn from all my failures.

Shilo: I'm not suppose to talk to strangers...
Mag: Or let them through the gate?
Shilo: That either. A big risk.
Mag: A big fence.
Shilo: A big mistake.
Mag: A new friend.

Marni: Chase the morning
Yeild for nothing
Chase the morning
Yeild for nothing

Shilo: Oh my god, mom!
How'd you do that?
Mag: Do what?
Shilo: That. That eye thing.
Mag: These eyes can do more than see.
Shilo: I know. I mean, I've seen you sing.
Mag: Where?
Shilo: From my window. I can see the world from their.
Name the stars and constellations.
Count the cars and watch the seasons.
Mag: I wish we could have watched together.
Shilo: I can't have guests.
Mag: Never?
Shilo: Ever.
If Dad found out that I'd been let out
Or that you'd been let it--
Mag: I should go, then, before I do
Promise me you won't

Shilo: Better that you don't.

Mag: Don't forget a sheltered rose
Needs a little room to bloom
Outside her bedroom
(Shilo: It's best if I resume my life
Inside my bedroom.)

Marni: Chase the morning
Yeild for nothing
Chase the morning
Yeild for nothing

Mag: Let your life be a dream
Integrity, honesty
It's too late for me
Don't look back
Till you're free to chase the morning

Marni: Yeild for nothing
Chase the morning
Yeild for nothing
Yeild for nothing

Part 2

Mag: Hi, Nathan.

Nathan: Mag...
How did you get in here?
Don't you have a show tonight?

Mag: How are you, Nathan?
Nathan: Busy.
Mag: You never were a man of many words, Nate.
You told me Shilo died.
Nathan: Listen--
Mag: Nathan, I promised your late wife
I'd be present in Shilo's life

Nathan: Please, Mag.
Shilo's very I'll
It's not safe for her to see people
I need to give her her medication.

Shilo: Dad, let her stay in here
Nathan: No, she's leaving
Shilo: Please hide her here
Nathan: From what?
Shilo: She'll be dead
Nathan: Look, I told her she was sick
Mag: Nathan you are hurting me
Shilo: Dad!
Nathan: My daughter needs her rest
Mag: I'll be fine, Shilo
Don't you fret
Shilo: Repossessions are dangerous (Shilo, go to bed)
You're not safe. Dad, she's not safe (Shilo, go to bed)
Mag: Shilo, don't you fret
Nathan: Leave my daughter, she is sick (Your daughter's become a slave)

Mag: you've turned this house into a zoo (I can't have this)
Marni wouldn't want this for you (I'm not going to ask again)
Set her free, set her free! (Please don't leave, Please don't leave! )

Shilo: Come back!
Nathan: Keep it down, Shi
Shilo: Come back!
Nathan: It's your bed time, it's late
Shilo: Dad, am I--
Nathan: Please
Shilo: She will die
Nathan: Nonsense
Shilo: It's arrived, Dad
Nathan: Nonsense
Shilo: It's a contract
Nathan: A contract?
Shilo: Come and see
Nathan: Nonsense

Shilo: Come see!
Mag's in trouble, Dad
Nathan: Where'd you get this?
Shilo: Read it, Dad, a Repo Man will come and take Mag's eyes!
Nathan: There are things in life
That we do best to leave alone

Shilo: She'll die, you must help her, Dad (That are beyond control)
You must stop her
Please, Dad (That you don't want to know)
Will you save Mag?
She will loose her eyes
Unless you stop this Repo Man

Nathan: Shilo, this is senseless (Dad, you have to try)
Shilo, this is pointless! (You can't let her die! )
Shilo, Please shutup! (Dad--)