Versuri Misc Soundtrack - Seventeen

Album: Misc Soundtrack - Repo ! The Genetic Opera Soundtrack (2009)

Seventeen! Mama drama's got to go, dad
Seventeen! Nothing's gonna bring her back
Seventeen! Experiment with something living
Seventeen! 'Cos I'm sweeter than 16

Hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey (x2)

(Seventeen! ) I've always longed for true affection
(Seventeen! ) But you compare me to a corpse!
(Seventeen! ) Stay with the dead, I'm joining the living
'Cos I'm freer than sixteen!

Hey hey hey hey!
Hey hey hey hey! (x2)

[Joan Jett solo]

Something's changing...
I can feel it...
I'm seventeen now
Why can't you see it?
Seventeen and you can't stop me
Seventeen and you won't boss me!
You cannot control me father,
Daddy's girl's a f*****g monster!