Versuri Miseration - Chain - Work Soul

Chain-Work Soul
The great deceiver known to all men 
Life consumer, the one unseen 
Poison running through my veins 
A static mind, no control 
Rules my every move 

Nothing feels right 
Pushed to the edge 
Have I lost it all 
I am about to break 

Living a constant lie 
My emotions have me paralysed 
I need a remedy 
Make me whom I supposed to be 
Is it too late for regrets 

Look in the mirror 
Don't recognise what I see 
The life in me is gone 
Fear tormenting me 
Guilt won't left me be 
Feeling useless, invisible to the world 

The undecided truth 
I am the pretender 
Living the lie concealing the truth 
The great deceiver know to all men 
Life consumer, the one unseen

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