Versuri Miseration - Foul Invective

Foul Invective
Witness the madness 
Inflicting pain on others 
Innocent people dying 
Human sacrifice 

People mourning for their lost 
Carry the lost to the cross 
So many broken hopes 
This is genocide 

Words they preach, I can not relate 
Driven blindly by their faith 
Justifying acts of hate, in the name of God 

Are they justified 
Justified to take lives 
Captives inside their web of lies 

Wrecking the sanctify of life 
Harvesting our existence 
Only to destroy twisted obsessions 

Dark words of power 
Incantations from the script 
Twisting the message 
Revenge is bliss 

Human failure 
We aree not God 

You mortal fools, blinded by faith, turning the message of love into hate 
Paradise will not be reached, by taking a life 
Hear these words: 
There is no release by suicide 

I can not relate, by their faith 
Acts of hate, in the name of God

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