Versuri Miseration - Noctivagant

Your soul and mind, under his will of power 
His abuse of people, touches very core. 
Weakened souls, captivated by his seduction 
The naked truth is in disguise 

Suffocating in your own remorse, fearing the unexpected. 
Scattering taking a form of its own 

Through isolation being alone 
It manifests and takes control 
The reality unfolds 
Unaware about the surroundings 
A life under enslavement 
Following the shadow 

Morbid thoughts that dominate 
Always contined in the dark 
No rays of light, no land of mark 
Feel that I'm going blind 

Do you hear these words I say: 
A vicious circle 
Life of decadence 

A battered soul 
Your reality 
Creation of evil 
Manifestation of fear

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