Versuri Miseration - Perfection Destroyed

Album: Miseration - Your Demons, Their Angels

Brought into this mess called life
No purpose what so ever
Abused victim as a child
Raised as an orphan
Raised in a broken home
Dreaming- haunting memories
Victimized against their will

Human destruction has sealed our fate
Forced to repress, doomed to forget
Holding your breath, now so afraid
Grasping the rope in fear

Self distorted perception
A dark disease taking our lives
It's time to stand and rise against
Our life consuming enemy

We are the ones built on rage
We are the ones who share the pain
We are the ones who devours the others
A strong will is our demise
Wheres your protective hand, your guideline in the dark
Don't you know I will devour your soul
Deprive your life

You- you are a man, haunted by your past
Growing up to be a bitter man
Slowly dying fading away
Reflections of agonizing pain
Will it never end

Human destruction has sealed our fate
Hands crossed kneeling in pain
Gazing the heavens or blood red skies
Holding your breath waiting for a sign
Behind the darkness there is a call
If you do not answer you will fall