Versuri Miseration - Scattering The Few

Scattering the Few
Corruption taking the place of justice 
Mockers of believers faith 
This mental scar forever engraved 
Human values are degrading 
A premonition, for the failure 

Under subjection of fallen one 
Blasphemy, depravity 
Complete, denial of Christ 

Indifference is your excuse and ignorance your refuge 
Your twisted personality 
Senseless is your reality 

Evidence of abominations 
Open your eyes, it's an actual fact 
This mental scar forever engraved 
Don't close your eyes 
It's time to react 

Who sees the forgotten ones 
Can you tell any difference 
We're just not the same, one step closer to the madness 
Obsolote behaviour, in the name of science 
Emptiness- feeding their souls 
The fall of man is now at hand

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