Versuri Miseration - World Lethality

Album: Miseration - Your Demons, Their Angels

Scenery of death and destruction
Smoke screen and rays of light
Legions of death, ready to fight
Harvest for souls, collecting our bones
Massive hysteria, doomsday mania

The legions have come to over ran the lands
The world blindly misled
Reached the point of no return

The day of massacre, the supreme sacrifice
Harvest for blood, genocide or suicide
This is the end of days

Warriors of death all around
Soon to bring everything down
Going beyond the bounds of reason
Eternal dissension pure annihilation
Slaves of a deadly fate, eternal ghosts of war

The world is under subjection
Morbid actions that dominate
Hatred is spreading like an infection
Confused in darkest deception
A life under enslavement
Manifestation of fear as the dark reality unfolds

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