Versuri MISERY INDEX - Dissent Part 2. Exception To The Ruled

Album: MISERY INDEX - Dissent

Blood Encrusted Eyes
Staring Out In Space
The Revolution Mind
The Overbearing Thought That I
Am Dying In This Place
Alone Within The Crowd
This Never Ending Race
A War Comprised Of All Against All

A Burning Awareness I've Been Deceived
A Life Lived Out Crawling Here On My Knees?

Born In From The Outside
My Conscience Will Not Let Me Breathe
Have I Sacrificed My Last Hope
That Something In This World
Is Worth More Than Money Or The State
'Cause The Hate In My Heart Will Never Wait

All-Observing Eyes, Watching From Above
Big Brother To Us All
Explain Away The System's Faults
You'd Never Last A Day In My Battered Boots

Bursting With Tension My Work Is Done
One Day Here Too Many A Call To Arms

Challenging This Order
The Voice Of The Voiceless Unchained
I Will Vomit On Your Pompous Morals
I'm The One You Nailed Down
Abstainer, The Slayer Of Deceit
And I Am Back For My Feast

Words Are Buried, Suppressed And Contradicted
Tongues Are Muted, Dislodged And Diluted

Dissenting, Alive
A Traitor You Can Only Hope To Be
You'd Deny My Right To Shove It
Back In The Face Of The Master?

So I Present This Drastic Declaration
We'll Send This s**t Upon Its Way
Burn All Flags And Burn All Nations
And Live Your Life In Your Own Way