Versuri MISERY LOVES CO - Into The Grey

Album: MISERY LOVES CO - Your Vision Was Never Mine To Share

Let's break the silence of this town tonight
Alive and kicking like never before
Now let them know we're still around
Never gave us much, we still want more

They throw their lifes into trashcans,
wants us to follow into the grey

Like electricity through my veins
I've got to move or else I will fade
Their ugly faces, waste of space
We'll paint the walls with days they stole

Don't waste my time with empty words
All the things you said I've already heard
We've got to know what's outside
We're not afraid cause we haven't got a choice

This is all that you wanted
Let's leave the silence behind
They throw their lifes into trashcans
Wants us to follow into the grey

9. The Drawning Man

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