Versuri MISERY LOVES CO - Taste It (Imaginary Gun)

Album: MISERY LOVES CO - Not Like Them

Ready to dive,
to taste it
strain my nerve,
no, I won't lose
Time is right for adjustments,
bring me more
I will not hesitate,
what you see is what you get

Taste it, [x2]
Don't fake it
fake it

Closer this time,
your pigskin
conceal the sky,
with your big lie
Nothing left to f**k up,
further down
imaginary gun,
no I won't lose this time

Taste it, [x2]
Don't fake it
taste it
[Repeat x2]

I will not fade,
makes no sense at all
to apologies,
for something I am not
No God damn relapse,
I'll go for the throat
No God damn relapse,
though something is lost

Taste it, [x2]
Don't fake it
taste it

taste it [x4]

I will not fade... [x4]

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