She Tab - Misfits

SHE - Static Age / Legacy Of Brutality (guitar) version
by guillermo luppi
Note:  The D and C notes are played by the bass; a palm-muted guitar 
       doubles the notes.  It also sounds like there is a second guitar 
       playing the A chord continuously through the D and C notes.

  bass bridge:

  bass fill:                          bass end:
G|---------------------------------| |-----------------|
D|-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-7-5---5---------| |-7-7-5---7-------|
A|---------------------7---7-6-5-3-| |-------7-0-------|
E|---------------------------------| |-----------------|

 A (D C) G A (2x)
 A  G A      (4x)
 A  G  F  G  (2x) w/bass bridge (2x)
 A                w/bass fill
 A (D C) G A (2x)
 A  G A      (2x)
 G A         (2x)
 A                w/bass end


Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 16:49:07 -0600
From: Tom Tanto 
Subject: TAB:'She' by 'MISFITS'

    Song: She
Album(s): Cough/Cool
          Legacy Of Brutality
          Collection I
          Box Set
          Violent World: A Tribute to the Misfits*
  Artist: the MISFITS (Written by Glenn Danzig)

      ~Transcribed by Eric Carroll (work e-mail address)~

           -> Tune Down  Step or, Standard depending on the recording
                       *Snapcase tunes down to D (I think)

       A5                       G5                       F5
  |-|-|-X-X-X              |-|-|-X-X-X              ======X=X=X