Versuri Mistress - Alcohole

Album: Mistress - In Disgust We Trust

Come join me in the alcohole
When outside it's oh so cold
Judge the contents of the heart by the state of the eyes

When you spend a lifetime
Living in the night time
Raise your glass and forget yourself
Raise a glass and drink to the dawn
A little too much to take
But ain't that always the way?

When your final tender hope
Died in your arms and you're left a fake
What's the point of carrying on
When you've failed the only test you ever wanted to take?

So whoever be your God
Just worship him well

Sleep away the daytime
Cause you only live in the night
Too little much too late
But ain't that always the way?

Lose her

Such a heady cocktail
Of xanax and no dope
Such a f*****g cock tale
Of liquor and no f*****g hope

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