Versuri Mistress - Happily Ever Disaster

Album: Mistress - In Disgust We Trust

With a hazy mind and half a deck
You know you've got to go
One card wrong in the tumbling house
And all the walls must fall

For so long you held the ace
But didn't want to play
And now your house of cards is gone
There's nothing left to say
So beware the demon drink
Unhappiness assured
Never feel, no never think
All hail the demon god

Let us pray

So remember the music
The flashing lights
The lunatic excitement

For a time we stilled
Those panicked eyes
And soothed the savage beast
And still it comes back to this
Cannot cope, cannot fit
Never feel, no never think
The demon god unleashed

An ecstasy of fumbling
In the darkness breathing faster
But the outcome is inevitable
Happily ever disaster

Let us pray

You are not, will not, cannot me mine
So I'll stand and watch just one more time
The end is always coming faster
Happily ever disaster

Let us prey

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