Versuri Mistress - Kunt

Album: Mistress - The Glory Bitches Of Doghead

1803 - The year you f****d up
If you know so f*****g much then tell me - why'd she die?

What use are your f*****g laws
When life's not worth living?

You're a f*****g symptom
With your words and big ideas
But her human cries for help
Fell on dead f*****g ears

f**k your life of apathy
I'd choose death

What kind of messiah would let his disciples die?
Some kind of mega c**t
No soul in the f*****g machine

This kingdom that you built
With stone walls of duty
You didn't seem to notice Kunt
It's filled with f*****g ghosts

Victory with no resistance is no victory at all

So we're cold in temperament
And to suffering indifferent?
Did you ever look in the f*****g mirror?
You f*****g robot c**t

You couldn't save her
And that's why I crown you King Kunt