Versuri Mistress - Mistress

Album: Mistress - The Glory Bitches Of Doghead

Wipe fresh curds of love from your c**t
Lick the spit out of your bowl of sick
f*****g drugged up whore

Rim the stink hole with scaled tongue
Cancer c**t wet, gaping wide for stupid little meat

Smashed glass broken bottle c**t tabber
Theirs is not to question why
Theirs is butt to f**k and lie

Take your heel out of my a*****e
And smash me in the f*****g face

Stabbed so full of needles and hate
I'll vomit the words 'I love you'

Mistress show us, filthy broken whore
You might be a cheap slut
But I'd still love to f**k you

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